Buyer's Guide

How do I get exclusive perks from my favorite star at Fametive?

The Store

Fametive offers a great variety of bundles with many different assortment of perks.

You can find all our bundles on the Store page, which you can access from the top menu.

Here, you can browse our products. Filter them based on your budget, the type of influencers you want to view, and the level of bundles you are interested in. You can also use the Search Bar to find bundles and look up one of our stars.

The Bundles

We have Must Have, Rare, Super Rare and VIP bundles available based on rarity. VIP bundles offer exclusive benefits, and Must Have is our least expensive option.

Each card offers a short description of what perks it comes with, but you can also click them to view the bundle’s page.

On each bundle’s page, you can view all the perks they come with and choose which digital stamp you want to include in your bundle. Digital Stamps are only available through Fametive and are unique collectibles that complement your bundle perks. It is here you can add them to your cart.

Making a Purchase

Once you have added a bundle to your cart, you can continue browsing the store and explore other offerings. You can also click the cart icon in the top right corner. Here, you can view your cart to manage the products you wish to purchase. If you are all set, you can proceed to checkout.

View Cart

If you have any, you can apply coupons on your cart page before proceeding to checkout.


To buy a Fametive bundle, you have to register an account. The account enables you to access your perks and benefits from your bundles anytime. To checkout, along with the usual billing information and email address, you must set a username and a password.

You can also apply your discount coupon here if you have one, and after providing the necessary payment information, you can finalize your purchase!

Checkout Page Screenshot

Once you complete your payment, we will transfer you to a landing page where you can download your stamp, view the information about your purchase, and view all your new perks with just a click.

Order Confirmation Screenshot

How do I access my perks and stamps?

Your Account

All of your Fametive purchases are attached to the account you made them with. To access them, you have to log in. Once in your account, you can access your perks and stamps.


Your account has a section for your Stamps where you can find source definition versions of all the pictures in your collection, available to download.

My Account Downlads
Account Dashboard Screenshot

The Perks

The perks you acquired with your bundle are accessible through the account page. Just click the “Bundles” section in the menu under your picture, and you will find a list of all the Bundles and perks you own.

Perks are also accessible through each bundle’s product page, where you can see them all, and once you own them, they will take you to your benefit or guide you through acquiring them.

My Account Bundles

To access exclusive influencer perks, purchase a Digital Stamp from one of four categories (Must-Have, Rare, Super-Rare, VIP) of your chosen influencer. This stamp grants downloadable access and unlocks all category-specific perks, like Arnold Vosloo’s Workout Routine or MC Artisan’s production tips, and you can reach these through your account.