About the webshop & bundles

Fametive celebrity bundles are exclusive, limited perk packages bundled with a digital stamp of your choice. Our celebrity bundles are created in close collaboration with our featured stars. They provide you with unique benefits like personal advice and information, exclusive content and even entry to our first online Fametive event.

Fametive celebrity bundles are an innovative new way to interact with your idols. Although exclusive content from celebrities has been around for a while, Fametive Bundles offer a unique opportunity to gain access to limited content from our stars. Unlike traditional subscriptions offering celebrity content, our bundles only require a one-time purchase and include limited availability content, only accessible to those in possession of the associated bundle.

Each Fametive Bundle purchase comes with a Digital Stamp. A Digital Stamp is a unique picture associated with the bundle and is accessible through your Fametive account. It serves as proof of your exclusive connection to the influencer or celebrity.

Our celebrity bundles are available for purchase through our webshop, where you can find them in four different rarities: Must Have, Rare, Super Rare, and VIP. Every one of our stars has a bundle in these rarities, but you have to be swift, as they are limited in number. Once you decide on a bundle, you need to decide which Digital Stamp it comes with. Once you own a bundle, you can access the associated perks through your account page.

Fametive Bundles offer a large variety of exclusive benefits unique to their celebrity. Depending on who you are interested in, these could include life advice, dating tips, and never-before-seen personal information. Some of our bundles give you access to behind-the-scenes photos and videos, training regimens, or motivational playlists so you can better understand what makes your idol tick.

Once you make a purchase, your bundle of choice gets assigned to your account. Your collection is visible under the bundles section of your account. The Digital Stamps paired with your bundles have their dedicated tab next to this, where they are available for download. Every associated perk is accessible through the profile of their celebrity. The choice of perks is visible even when you do not own the bundle, but once you add it to your collection, they are just a click away.

Fametive Bundles are tied to your profile and cannot be shared with others. Please do not share the benefits you obtained from our products, as this is against our terms of service. Make sure to have a secure password you memorized so you don’t lose your collection. If you have trouble accessing your account, please contact our support team.

Every Fametive Bundle is limited in number. Must-have products are entry-level offerings and are limited to 200 owners. Rare Bundles number 142 examples each, while Super Rares are only available for 99 individuals. VIP bundles are the most exclusive, as they are only available to the first 33 people to get their hands on them.

Our bundles are only available through our store. The payment options include Google Pay, Apple Pay, and credit cards. Once you make your purchase, we will provide you with your receipt and a downloadable copy of your Digital Stamp.

About Fametive

Fametive is the first-ever celebrity & influencer bundle marketplace. It features an innovative concept, doing away with monthly subscriptions and providing customers with limited exclusive perk packages from their favorite influencers and celebrities. Fametive offers a new way of connecting with your idols and role models.

Our team of experts, developers, and content creators constantly seeks new and upcoming talents on the horizon. We closely observe popular influencers and celebrities, and whenever we see potential in someone, we offer them a partnership.

If you love a celebrity, they are likely already on our radar – or we are currently working with them on creating their unique bundle collection. If you want to get your fave featured, you can let us know on our Instagram, comment or send us a message! Make sure to subscribe to our newsletter to get notified about our newest releases, perks, and bundle drops so you don’t miss the chance to buy your favorite’s new bundle.

Our primary platform is only Instagram, do not trust any other social media profiles that are not linked on our website. If you would like to receive regular updates on Fametive, our bundles, and the newest stars joining our roster, sign up for our newsletter. If you have any questions regarding Fametive, your purchases, or technical issues, you can get in touch with our support team.

To explore the possibilities of collaboration and elevate your brand through exclusive bundles, contact us at info@fametive.io. Let’s embark on this exciting journey together, creating something extraordinary for your devoted followers and collectors!

Join Fametive today and unlock boundless opportunities to connect with your fans and elevate your brand with unique benefits for your most devoted followers. To get started, contact us at info@fametive.io, and let’s create something extraordinary together!

To access exclusive influencer perks, purchase a Digital Stamp from one of four categories (Must-Have, Rare, Super-Rare, VIP) of your chosen influencer. This stamp grants downloadable access and unlocks all category-specific perks, like Arnold Vosloo’s Workout Routine or MC Artisan’s production tips, and you can reach these through your account.