About NFTs

NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens) are a type of digital asset on a blockchain network that are unique, non-interchangeable, and indivisible. NFTs utilize cryptographic protocols to generate, store, and transfer digital ownership records on a public ledger. This allows someone to store, own, and even monetize digital assets. These digital assets can include artwork, digital collectibles, music, books, items in a game, tickets, and more.

A celebrity NFT is a type of non-fungible token that represents a celebrity-related item, such as a digital asset, artwork, or collectible. Celebrity NFTs have become increasingly popular in the digital world, with more celebrities and media personalities creating their own NFTs. Investing in celebrity NFTs is often seen as a way to gain exposure to big-name celebrities, while at the same time, the scarcity of these assets makes them attractive assets for investors.

No, NFTs have been around for a lot longer than you might think. Although 2021 became the year of the NFT, it wasn’t the year of their invention: the first-known NFT ‘Quantum’ was minted in 2014 on the Namecoin blockchain. However, they have only recently become popular due to the rise of blockchain technology and the cryptocurrency boom.

No, NFTs and cryptocurrencies are not the same. NFTs are digital assets that are on the blockchain, which are unique and not interchangeable. Cryptocurrencies are a type of digital currency that can be used for a variety of purposes, such as paying for goods or services, trading, and investing.

NFTs are digital tokens that are secured using blockchain technology. They are unique and non-fungible, meaning they cannot be replicated or interchanged. They also have scarcity and digital provenance, which means they are limited in quantity and records of ownership are stored on the blockchain. These tokens are often used to represent items such as art, music, and other digital collectibles. When an NFT is bought or sold, the transaction is recorded on the blockchain, providing an immutable record of ownership.

NFTs are primarily used as digital certificates of ownership, allowing individual pieces of digital art, music, and other digital items to be bought and sold like physical items, authenticating their authenticity and scarcity. NFTs are also used for proving ownership of digital assets, such as video game items and cryptocurrency. Additionally, NFTs can be used for tracking digital objects and controlling access to online services.

If you are planning to purchase an NFT, it is important to ensure that it is authentic. Start by verifying the authenticity of the seller. Research the artist and check for any reputable sources that have reviewed or endorsed the NFT. Additionally, check the details of the NFT, such as its description and provenance, to ensure that it matches the artist’s known works. 


Finally, be sure to check that the NFT is registered on the appropriate blockchain platform. When you choose to purchase NFTs on websites like Fametive, this is already done for you: we only promote high quality collections of verified celebrities and famous influencers on our platform.

Yes, NFTs are safe. NFTs are powered by blockchain technology, which is known to be a secure and reliable platform for digital assets. Additionally, the smart contracts that are used to facilitate the transactions are also secure and tamper-proof. This means that once a transaction has been completed and recorded on the blockchain, it cannot be changed or reversed.

No, NFTs cannot be copied. They are non-fungible, which means that each token is completely unique and cannot be replaced with a different one. The image of an NFT however, can be copied and shared multiple times across the internet. The actual digital art is not on the blockchain, but is stored on a decentralized file system.

Yes, NFTs are likely to last for the foreseeable future. They are becoming increasingly popular as a way to digitally store and transact content, and they are backed by blockchain technology. This means that they provide a secure and trustworthy platform to create, store, and transfer digital assets. As more people become aware of the potential of NFTs and begin to use them, it is likely that they will remain relevant.

Yes, NFTs can be purchased from anywhere in the world as long as the seller is able to accommodate the purchase. However, certain locations may restrict certain transactions and transactions may also be subject to local laws and regulations.

The wallet that you will need to use for collecting celebrity NFTs will depend on the platform you are using to purchase or collect the NFTs. Generally, you will need to use wallets that support ERC-721 tokens, such as MetaMask, Coinbase Wallet, or Binance Wallet.

We would strongly, strongly advise you not to. No matter how deep your connection might be with someone, as you probably don’t do with your toothbrush – you should never share your login credentials with anyone either.

About Fametive

Fametive is the first-ever celebrity & influencer NFT marketplace. It was built on Binance Smart Chain dual-chain architecture for security and protection. On our marketplace, the value of NFT collections is provided by the celebrities who spent many years increasing their popularity and number of followers. 


As they become more and more famous, the value of their limited NFT collections increase. Unlike other platforms, users cannot upload anything to Fametive. Our quality management team checks each and every collection, and selects only the very best for trading.

Our team of financial experts, developers and content creators constantly seeks new and upcoming talents on the horizon. We closely observe popular influencers and celebrities, and whenever we see potential in someone, we offer them a partnership.

Our team of financial experts, developers and content creators constantly seeks new and upcoming talents on the horizon. We closely observe popular influencers and celebrities, and whenever we see potential in someone, we offer them a partnership.

If you love a celebrity, it is likely that they are already on our radar – or we are currently working with them on creating their first-ever NFT collection. If you want to get your fave featured, you can let us know on Discord: join our server here. Make sure to subscribe to our newsletter to get notified about our newest releases and NFT drops, so you don’t miss the chance to buy your soon-to-be favorite NFTs.

Each NFT sold on Fametive has some sort of added value, that is determined and created together with the celebrity behind the token. It can pretty much be anything from being tagged in the celeb’s Instagram story, through receiving a signed personal item, to a real-time video call. These perks may vary from token to token – all necessary details are included in the description of each NFT.

Yes, it is possible that you may even meet a celebrity. Celebrities can decide what they want to include in the NFTs, and that added value may very well be a meet-and-greet – or even a one-on-one activity, such as a dinner date. These activities however, are likely included in a very limited number of NFTs.


As our Fametive community keeps growing over time, we plan to organize events where NFT owners will have the opportunity to meet their favorite celebrities in person.

Yes, it is possible to get free NFTs. Make sure to subscribe to our newsletter, join our Discord server, and follow us on Twitter and Instagram to get notified about our hottest news, releases, promotions, and giveaways.

Yes, you can. There are some platforms which provide the facility to create, issue, and trade NFTs. However, unlike other platforms, users cannot upload to Fametive. We only promote high quality collections of verified celebrities and famous influencers on our platform. But if you are a celebrity looking to create your own NFT, by any means, hit us up!