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Gain new customers
Enjoy free exposure
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Become our partner and promote your brand and services to a new audience through the Fametive network.

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Offer a trial run or initial discount on your goods and services to the Fametive Community! This way, new customers will get to know your brand and are more likely to purchase additional memberships, products, or services from you. Combine Community-only discounts with your initial service for maximum engagement!

The higher-value products and services you offer, the rarer bundle we pair it with. If you want your brand to reach even broader audiences, we can include your offerings in all categories.

Exposure at no expense

Our partners will be listed on fametive.io with their logo, contact information, and how they contribute to the Fametive Community. They will also be featured on social media and highlighted in our newsletter – sent regularly to a massive database.

What’s more? You’ll have a unique opportunity to appear at Fametive Events and network with all our partners.

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To access exclusive influencer perks, purchase a Digital Stamp from one of four categories (Must-Have, Rare, Super-Rare, VIP) of your chosen influencer. This stamp grants downloadable access and unlocks all category-specific perks, like Arnold Vosloo’s Workout Routine or MC Artisan’s production tips, and you can reach these through your account.