What’s happening right now: All things crypto, metaverse & NFTs

You missed out on the last couple of newsletters and feel like you’re not up-to-date with your crypto news? Let’s bring you up to speed!

  1. Photo NFTs are HOT HOT HOT

Photography looks to be the next big thing on NFT marketplaces with photographs breaking all sorts of records left right and center. In the internet era, photographers often face unsolicited distribution of their artwork with no permission, credit, or financial return – and no real chance of doing anything about it either. NFTs present an opportunity to them to finally monetize their work, backed by blockchain technology. In addition, as digital rights management becomes more prevalent, photographers can finally be sure to get their due. Creatives in the photography industry are taking note, and so are we!

  1. WEF creates Global Collaboration Village in the metaverse

The World Economic Forum (WEF) is launching its own metaverse project – Global Collaboration Village. WEF aims to create a platform for global leaders and institutions to come together and work on the most pressing issues. In this virtual village, avatars will be able to gather in co-working spaces and attend conferences or join meetings. Global Collaboration Village enjoys the support of Microsoft and Accenture as well as over 80 organizations and founding partners, including Meta (Facebook) and the IMF.

  1. Instagram and Twitter are getting ready for NFT integration

Twitter and Instagram are releasing an array of different NFT-related tools, and we sure are eager to see which platform will end up being the new go-to for NFTs. Given how NFTs are highly visual in nature, our money right now is on Instagram. Instagram is undoubtedly a visual social media platform, used mainly for sharing photos and videos – while Twitter is more of a microblogging space. Not to mention Instagram’s immense user base of 1.3 billion (compared to Twitter’s 365 million) and significantly higher engagement rate than what you usually experience on Twitter.

  1. Sense of smell & touch are coming to the metaverse

You get the feeling that the metaverse is progressing so fast, you’re constantly missing something? Well now you can stop and smell the roses. Literally. Sense of smell has just been added to the virtual reality (VR) experience – as showcased at the recent Consumer Electronics Show (CES). OVR Technology created a virtual reality headset containing eight different aromas that can be combined to generate various scents. The game-changing VR headset is scheduled to be released later this year.

  1. It’s #FestivalSeason

Ever heard of NFT ticketing? Well, it is pretty straightforward: tickets in the form of NFTs, on a blockchain, acting as access passes for any live (or virtual) event. NFT ticketing can be used for festivals, offering unique benefits to festival-goers like special rewards or exclusive experiences. But it’s not just the party people enjoying this new arrangement: ticket issuers can keep a more in-depth record of attendance numbers also. Coachella, you ready?