2021 Q3


Market researc

Gallop pool

Development of methodology

2021 Q4

Project preparations

Team creation

Legal set up

Image design

Content creation

NFT Marketplace development

2022 Q1

Building Partnerships

Adviser Program

Team expansion

The first Influencers & Celebrities live live

First photo shoots

Dubai Crypto Expo 2022

First registration on

2022 Q2


Announce our first Celebrities

Image videos

All Fametive stars have a combined follower of at least 10 million

Our instagram has 10k followers

More photo shoots

2022 Q3

International Marketing Campaigns

Growing Fametive team

Bringing professionals to the board

Preparation of the first 9 collection

Our Instagram has more than 40k followers

2022 Q4

Negotiation with new Influencers from America

Product development - Updated design for collections

Social Media - Twitter and Discord kick off

Collection development -
Creating Star Perks for Fametive Collections

Integration of new automatic processes

New management

2023 Q1

Fametive first launch campaign

Photoshoot for new Stars from America

Going Global

New Features

Bringing crypto marketing professionals to the board

Upgrading Discord

Negotiation with new influencers from Asia

Fametive Partner Community Preparation

Our Twitter has more than 10k followers

Launch the first 9 collections

2023 Q2

2nd Global PR Campaign

Launch Fametive Partner Community

Launch new Fametive Star NFT Collections from America

Photoshoot for new Stars from Asia

Launch new Fametive Star NFT Collections from Asia

Our Instagram has more than 50k followers

Narrow the channel between followers, community and influencers

2021 Q3

2021 Q4

2022 Q1

2022 Q2

2022 Q3

2022 Q4

2023 Q1

2023 Q2

To access exclusive influencer perks, purchase a Digital Stamp from one of four categories (Must-Have, Rare, Super-Rare, VIP) of your chosen influencer. This stamp grants downloadable access and unlocks all category-specific perks, like Arnold Vosloo’s Workout Routine or MC Artisan’s production tips, and you can reach these through your account.